Application Security Testing

Seconize DeRisk Center  also provides for Application Security Testing, by embedding Risk identification at every step of Software Development and Deployment Life cycle.

Seconize DeRisk Center Product Intro

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DeRisk Center is a Continuous Risk Management Platform

Salient Features

Automated Comprehensive Coverage of Test Cases across different asset types. This is supplemented by Manual VA-PT wherever necessary or upon explicit request by the customers.

Global accepted Standards like OWASP Top 10, OWASP ASVS, CIS Controls, CSA CCM Benchmarks, STIGs, NIST

Seasoned security experts with overall 20+ years industry experience

Published numerous 0-day vulnerabilities, in multiple Cisco products, Network & Security applications, devices, ICS/SCADA products, Routers and Cameras totalling 100+ CVE-IDs.​

End to End Delivery of hybrid & traditional Internal, External infrastructure and Web Application Security Posture Assessments, Product Security Testing.

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