Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Seconize DeRisk Center  is a Intelligent & Automated Next Gen Cyber Risk & Compliance Gaps Assessment platform.  Cyber Risk Assessments helps evaluate the overall impact for an organization, resulting from its vulnerable Digital assets. It leverages patent pending “Predictive Risk Intelligence” technology that uses advanced AI/ML algorithms and helps organization achieve an acceptable Risk level, by prioritizing the appropriate Remediations Intelligently.

Seconize & DeRisk Center Product Intro

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DeRisk Center is a Continuous Risk Assessment Platform.

Salient Features

The Customer Organization’s Assets can be onboard into the Platform by  multiple methods spanning Individual Manual Entry, Excel Spreadsheet based Import, Importing from CMDB  or Asset Management Systems.

With its large (15 to 20) set of in-built scanners, DeRisk Center does a variety of scans, including VA, PT, Misconfiguration checks, essentially to identify weakness which can be exploited. If an organization has VA Tools / Scanners in place, the feeds from those could be optionally Integrated into the Product.

Product used patent pending “Predictive Risk Intelligence” technology that uses advanced AI/ML algorithms for the purposes of Risk Modelling and Risk Scoring on top of the base set of Technical Vulnerabilities identified.

Product leverages a growing (10+) list of Open and Commercial sources of Threat Intelligence for computing probability of a Breach and Risk Prioritization.

Product has inbuilt workflows for handing Risks and Vulnerabilities, where they can be assigned to owners to handle their complete lifecycle within the Product itself.

The identified Issues can be passed to external Customer specific Enterprise Trouble Ticketing systems like JIRA, Service Now etc. Integrations with such systems are constantly expanded to bring new systems into the scope.

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