How to prioritize Cloud Native Vulnerabilities

How to prioritize Cloud Native Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities that exist in the cloud-native components such as container images can be detected using open-source tools such as Grype, Trivy, among others. Also, Kubernetes announced an alpha version of the vulnerabilities feed.  Remediation

Seconize DeRisk Centre – Part 2

Seconize DeRisk Centre – Part 2 Risk-Based Vulnerability Management sneak peek for Security Analysts (This blog is Part 2 of three-part series) As the world increasingly moves online, cyberattacks are becoming more and more common. That’s where security analysts come

Seconize DeRisk Centre – Part 1

Seconize DeRisk Centre – Part 1 Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Sneak Peek for CISOs  (This blog is Part 1 of three-part series) With the advancements in technology and with every business relying heavily on cloud solutions, software solutions, and cyber solutions

What’s the ROI of Our Cybersecurity Investments?

In order to determine if the investments we make in cybersecurity are worthwhile, we need to consider several key factors, including risk management, ROI, and the potential impact of a cybersecurity incident on the organizational infrastructure and assets.

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