Risk-Based VM Platform to Secure Business

Businesses are prone to increased attacks as the security teams are buried under tons of assessment reports and lack tools to manage the vulnerabilities that are key to their business risk.

Let Seconize help you auto remediate the vulnerabilities

Achieving cyber risk & compliance begins with

Risk Prioritization

Studies show CISO spends 60% of their time assessing reports & working on false positives instead of spending time of managing the risks

Prevention of Threats

New attacks continue to increase. Unless security teams focus on risks and address issues that are critical to business, they will continue to lag behind attackers

Alignment of business units

Managing Security is no more restricted to a single team. Making the business units aligned to common risks helps secure the enterprises

Security Readiness Is Defined By Your Ability To Manage Risks

In today's business environment, the organization's ability to prevent cyber attacks is defined by its management of the vulnerabilities faster than the rate at which new attacks surface. Seconize DeRisk is a Risk-Based VM Platform

Helping businesses efficiently manage risk and cut costs

Continuous Assessment & Compliance

When cyberattacks are continuous, why do you want to assess them in a while?

Achieve continuous assessment and compliance with all in one DeRisk Center

Achieve resource efficiency

Cyber expertise is expensive and scarce.

Leverage the Seconize DeRisk to automate the compliance.

With AI & ML & simple workflows we help achieve 60% less resource dependency

Optimize spending & time by managing risk

Traditional tools & services take a long time and significant investments.

With DeRisk Center, achieve higher security posture & compliance in weeks with easy to pay options

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