Customer Profile

Customer is a large semiconductor company with offices globally in many countries. Customer has dynamic IT environment with employees, partners, vendors connecting to corporate network globally.

Customer Situation
  • Customer has 400+ vendors for various IT and Non-IT Services
  • Customer currently uses combination of offline excel sheets with questionnaires for evaluating supply chains risks
  • Customer finds it cumbersome to manage the Vendor risks using offline processes using excels
Seconize Solution
  • Seconize DeRisk center is a comprehensive risk assessment product that leverages analytics, business context, and automation to proactively identify risks, ahead of a security breach.
  • The core value proposition of Seconize DeRisk Centre (DRC) is in identifying the different vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure and translating them into potential risks based on the Organization’s context.
  • Further such risks are prioritized using advanced decision science algorithms using numerous factors that contributed to the likelihood of the impact.
  • Simple and intuitive workflows to onboard vendors and do audits.
  • Comprehensive and exhaustive dashboards for tracking vendor risks
IT / Business – Benefits & Key Outcomes
  • Reduced cyber risks from supply chain
  • Improved productivity by streamlining the risk assessments of vendors
Top Cyber Risks
  • Supply Chain Risks
  • Loss of data
  • Loss of reputation
IT Infrastructure
  • Vendors 400+
  • Vendor has company data
  • Integrate via APIs
Key Assessments
  • Minimize and manage third party risks
  • Ensure compliance by auditing vendors on a periodic basis

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