Get ahead with securing your cloud services using Seconize CSPM

Are your cloud assets secure?

Increased cloud adoption is necessary to compete in today’s world. Increased cloud adoption also brings increased exposure to cyber threats. Traditional ways of Vulnerability Assessments are not enough to identify, remediate and fix issues. 

So what is the next-gen way to secure the cloud

Seconize Automated,
Continuous Cloud Risk Management Solution

Seconize solution helps you with, Identify -> Prioritize -> Auto-remediate

Evaluate Business Risk

Knowing the specific risk due to cyber threats and how it impacts business is the key to business survival and increased user adoption. Seconize continuously evaluates this across cloud, services, workloads, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.


To achieve an acceptable risk posture, what is required is to adopt data driven methodologies using prioritization of issues and automated remediation. Seconize helps you achieve this by identifying issues and prioritizes the remediation based on the risk it poses to the organization.

Extensive support across assets

  • Supports AWS, Azure, and GCP 
  • Cloud configurations against CIS and CCM benchmarks 
  • Virtual Machines and Kubernetes clusters 
  • Database configurations 
  • Web Applications and API endpoints

What Makes SMBs and Enterprises love
Seconize DeRisk Center Solution

Seconize Enables Cloud Infra & Application Security Testing

The Customer is a high-growth start-up with HQ in Bangalore. The customer has a dynamic IT environment with employees, partners, vendors connecting to the network, and millions of users for their app.

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