How secure is your website from cyber threats?

Cyber threats have increased by 3X in 2021! 

There is a surge in cyber security attacks, as well as a shift towards more targeted cyberattacks on businesses with websites as primary sources of attack.

Periodically doing the vulnerability assessment alone doesn’t suffice in today’s uncertain times when cyber threats are unpredictable.

For Limited Time, Get Your Web Security Assessment for Cyber Threats, Vulnerabilities, Risks With Seconize DeRisk Center for FREE.


The Free Website Security Assessment Gives You

Vulnerability Score

Know how well your VA is as this is the first step to improve your security posture.

Threat Impact

Know the threat impact of your website and risk scores.

Prioritized Recommendation

Get Seconize DeRisk prioritized recommendations to immediate remediation.

3 simple steps to get Website Security Assessed for FREE

  1. Fill the adjacent form giving your details and web application/website URL.
  2. Wait for confirmation message.
  3. Get notified in 2-3 days with report ready 

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Seconize DeRisk Center is a fully automated Risk-Based Vulnerability Management platform. Seconize is on a mission to help digital-first businesses safeguard from ever-increasing cyber threats, by helping identify, validate and fix vulnerability threats, improve security posture, with the least manual workload, and the fastest deployment.

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